Webhooks notification

I set the webhook and getting the participant info from the meeting status using webhooks.
However, I sometimes lost any webhooks.
Once I create a meeting, I get a response with the status of creating, starting the meeting from webhook.
And the webhooks send the participant joined response as well
However, if I end the meeting, sometimes I couldn’t get the participant left response
I checked the webhooks logs and it doesn’t have that log
Is this an issue with webhooks or is there any limit with my account?

We bought is ad hoc, I have 10 Zoom Room License, 1 Pro License, 1 Cisco/Polycom Interop license
I also have direct access to Zoom

Please let me know

Hey @nor1msoft98,

The Meeting Ended Webhook will not also trigger the Participant Left Webhook.

You will get the Participant Left Webhook if the participant leaves before the meeting is ended.

If the Meeting is ended, you can assume every participant left. :slight_smile: