Webinar endpoint not returning info

I have an app authorized at the account hosting the webinar, but when I request the /webinars/{webinarId} endpoint and its derivatives (such as /polls for example) it doesn’t return anything (no error, the data field simply comes blank). Tested it both in curl and nodejs, with past and active webinars, all with the same result.

Any idea on what may be causing it?

Hi @caio.velenosi this could be occurring if there are multiple instances of the Webinar. Each instance of a Webinar will have a UUID (unique ID) which can be used in place of a webinarID in the path of the request. To retrieve all UUIDs & instances of the webinar, use the List Past Webinar Instances API.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer Michael. It actually leads me to more questions:

  • What’s the difference between a webinar and a webinar instance? It’s not clear at all from the control panel or from the documentation.

  • The webinar ID is the 11 digit number that appears in the webinar info in the control panel and in the url, right? Or is that an instance UUID?

  • Also, if the webinar id and uuid are interchangeable in the request, does it make a difference at all when doing a request? And shouldn’t the response give me any kind of hint about what’s going on, instead of just returning a 200 status with empty data?

Thanks again

Hey @caio.velenosi,

Webinars can have multiple instances if they are recurring.

Correct, the Webinar ID is an 11 digit number that any number of occurrences has if the webinar is recurring. The Webinar UUID is the unique identifier for each webinar occurrence.

Yes, please see the description on our docs:


Thanks for the answer Tommy, it makes clear the concept of the webinar instance. What is still a blank spot for me is why, when I’m querying the id of an existing non-recurring webinar, I get a response with a 200 status and empty data, instead of the webinar’s data. Any inputs on that?

Hi @caio.velenosi, from this support doc, hope this gives some further clarity:

Note: Webinar IDs will expire and be unusable past the webinars scheduled end-time if the webinar is not currently in progress. The webinar will be deleted from previous webinars 30 days after the scheduled end time.

Actually it doesn’t, because, as I mentioned in my first post, I got the same result with both past and active webinars.

Direct messaged for Webinar IDs.