Webinar Video sometimes does not working

We have a problem to watch a video of the webinar on our website.
**The sound in the webinar is working fine…

This is the scenario:
The host is broadcasting the webinar with the zoom program on his computer (THE HOST NOT WORKING WITH THE WEBSDK).
An attendee is trying to watch the Webinar through the WebSDK, but the video not always working.

This problem also happened to me in the sample-web-app, and not only on my website.
This is what I see when i watch the webinar as an attendee:

As a host, I’m using zoom 5.0.4 and on the WebSDK I’ve tried to use version 1.7.7 AND 1.7.8 - the problem occurred to me in both versions of the WebSDK

Hi @sharon,

Do you see any errors showing up within the developer console?