WebSDK 1.7.7 can't create Hosting Privileges from now on

It’s the same scene from my side

It’s same for us! I’m unable to join as a host and can’t even accept attendees.

I also faced same issue.

Thank you for your information.
We are currently investigating the situation and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please!, since we have live course tomorrow, otherwise, i will get blames from customers surelly, it will hurt Zoom as well.



We also faced same issue. Please help us to handle this COVID-19 situation.

Same here since last Saturday…

Sometime users can join as host (as expected and correctly setup though the web sdk) but most of time they join as simple users with no host rights.

Please hurry as much as possible.

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same is our issue… the clients have already started blaming my institution for this , please help, nd rectify asap.

Hi All,

So sorry for this inconvenience.
We have found the cause and was able to bring back the feature.
Please confirm.

Best regards,

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i confirm that for now the feature is back.
Thank you.

It works in admin panel but now it doesn’t let attendees join from the app/web sdk. It keeps on retrying and create multiple participants. It works well if we open start url from Zoom app. Please fix this ASAP as our students are creating bad repo due to that. We were not able to take a single class today.

do we know the root cause ?

Hi Ashwini,

I was not able to reproduce the problem on both host and attendee using version 1.7.7.
Would it be possible to try again and share your signature and the api key of the meeting?


Sure. How do I share? The problem was joining from mobile.

Hi chungjordan,

This was caused and affected by a feature change on May 9.
We managed to fix the cause.


Hi ashwini,

I’ve also tested on an Android running Chrome 81.0.4404.138 and both as host and attendee works fine.
If you cannot share the API key and signature here please email to developersupport@zoom.us along with your environment and scenario.



It keeps on coming like this @yosuke.sawamura! It takes 3-4 tries to let attendee join.

Hi ashwini,

I been trying to reproduce from your screenshot although was not able to even if the meeting room has a waiting room enabled.
Can you provide how you can reproduce?


We have lost 8 teachers due to this. It takes 2-5 times to join an attendee. Please fix it to the earliest.