Which Event to use for Profile Picture Update in Webhook?

I am trying to create a new webhook which will trigger some method in my application whenever a user is adding/updating their profile picture. We have tried with these 3 events:

  1. User’s settings have been updated
  2. User’s Profile have been updated
  3. Account/Sub Account’s profile has been updated

But changing the profile picture does not trigger the webhook with these 3 events.
Is there any event present which will be triggered when any user is updating their picture

Have this issue in Webhook

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Subscribing to any of the 3 above mentioned events
  2. In the User Management, click on any user and try to change the Profile Picture and save
  3. Webhook is not getting triggered

If we are changing anything else than user picture (like First Name , Email etc), the webhook is triggered.

Hey @anirudhsharma9,

Currently the User Updated webhooks do not fire when a user changes their profile picture.

Feel free to submit this as a feature request here: #feature-requests