Whitelabeling zoom desktop and mobile app

On the zoom desktop application, is there a way we could applying some configuration changes and repakage the app and re-distribute the app?

The configuration changes could include the following -

  1. Is there a way to use a custom logo on the zoom app and
  2. Have the ability to change the app’s name
  3. Change the default protocol schema the app listens on?

Detail for point 3: All of the zoom start urls and join urls end up communicating with the installed zoom app using zoom://
So, Instead of zoom:// , can use something like myapp://

Hi kkumar-pv,

Thanks for the post. Are you talking about customizing the official Zoom client or using Zoom SDK?


Is there a way to customize the official zoom client? To what extent is the below mentioned customization points possible with the official zoom client?

  1. Show a different Logo when the zoom app launches
  2. Change text references to “Zoom”
  3. Change the default protocol scheme the app listens on (zoom://…)

Also, In what use cases / scenarios is the Zoom SDK used?

Hi kkumar-pv,

Thanks for the reply. Our official Zoom client is not customizable but Zoom SDK allows you to customize the Zoom meeting client. By using Zoom SDK and integrate it into your app, you have the full control of the app name’s name and the protocol scheme. The requirement you have mentioned is exactly what Zoom SDK is used for.

Hallo, can i discuss with AKA team White Label?
We have apps education, and we have 45000 subscribers

Hi favoritkitaindonesia,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. What is the AKA team you are referring to? Are you interested in using the Zoom SDK?