You cannot authorize the app

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I added zoom to my platform (which is used by companies that have their own emails and so seperate zoom accounts), I have one client who is testing this, however when she is trying to initialise the connection she gets this error. The developer account is set up to one of my emails, do I need to publish the app before she can use it?

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@tommy Is the connection only possible if the account used is the same as the developer account? I don’t want every user on that platform to be the admin, just the initial connection account, per company. If Zoom works for them after a phase of testing we will roll it out to our other companies that use our platform. Do I need to sign up for a reseller account instead?(Sorry, so many questions!!)
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Hey @rhtordoff,

To install your app, you will need someone with those permissions, or a Zoom admin.


@tommy Has this been fixed? I’m getting the same error for ZOOM-111363

My app is currently in progress of being reviewed. This sucks to run into when the approval process takes 7+ days

We’re also facing this issue, although our app is already approved and published.

  • We’ve tried with Zoom account owners
  • We’ve tried with the owner of the Zoom app

In the console, I do see the following issue completing the following request:


Hey @pb_zoom, @josharcher,

Can you please share a screenshot of the error?

Our engineering team is aware of the issue and investigating this. While the team is yet to confirm the exact cause of error, upon initial review, they suspect the issue lies with this specific use of the state parameter. In the meantime they have advised that you revise the OAuth URL to not use a state parameter and it should resolve the authorization error.

For a quick resolution, if you still plan to use the state parameter you can try either of these options.

Option 1:
If possible please limit to using a single value in the state parameter.

Option 2:
Make use of the base64UrlEncode function to encode the state parameter

The engineering team is investigating this at priority and we will keep you updated on the status. Let me know if neither of these help resolve the error you are encountering.


@tommy I figured out the issue was able to resolve this by adjusting/simplifying the state parameter similar to the guidance you provided.

I can’t speak to @josharcher issue and if it’s the same; apologies if I hijacked your thread.

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Hi @tommy, I’m facing the same problem: “You cannot authorize the app” even from my own zoom account.

I have tried creating a new app draft as a workaround. Same problem persists.

I have even created a new Zoom account altogether and created a new app from there. Even that hasn’t allowed me to authorize my app!

Are there any other ways to solve the problem?


Hey @karan7kar,

Can you please share your authroize / install url so I can debug?


Happy to hear you figured out the issue @pb_zoom! :slight_smile:


Hey @karan7kar,

Thanks! Can you also provide the screenshot of the error page?


Does this do?

Hey @tommy any resolution or workaround for this problem?

Hey @karan7kar,

Are there any errors in the browser console?

Checkout this thread for a possible solution:


Hi @tommy, I just checked: there are errors in the console (below).

They’re the same errors josharcher had in the thread you shared.

I’m not using any state parameter in the OAuth URL.

I’m facing same issue, waiting for solution sending state parameter.

Hey @jantbarco, @karan7kar,

Can you share your app names so I can investigate further?


The app name is Session Ticket,
But I already avoid the error making a new App on a new Zoom Account, for the records.

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My app’s name is Wander.

I just tried authorising again and it worked somehow.

So it looks like it’s working fine now.

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Happy to hear you got it working @karan7kar! :slight_smile:

@jantbarco, are you still having issues?