Zoom API - Update meeting status

Hi, sorry we are in middle of project and i dont have time to reply to you.

  • Name of Integration: 911pharma

  • Steps taken to resolve the issue: For know i just forget and continue to integrate the zoom api, because others things is working like create, edit, delete meetings and users.

  • Number of Users Affected: for know is just 2 me piloto@mega.pt and the client somosfarmacia@outlook.pt

  • Error Code/Message: i dont receive nothing. Just nothing, but if i put a meeting who dont exit i receive this error

  • Video or Screenshot of Issue: This the page with the code i send you here https://911pharma.mega.pt/zoom/meetings_update_status.php , i going to attach a example of a meeting who dont exists. the code is working if doesnt i never receive this code.

We are waiting for your reply, thanks.