Zoom App - getUserContext() not available to participant

Zoom App - getUserContext() not available to participant. This is required to provide correct data to app.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
*1. Open Zoom App - Q for Sales
*2. As a host getUserContext() is available and gives following response object

      {participantId: "###"
      participantUUID: "###"
      role: "host"
      screenName: "Varsha Lodha"
      status: "authorized}

*3. getUserContext() is not available to anyone other than host in a meeting. It gives permission error.
*4. We need some information of user who is using app to stream relevant data in the app.

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@zoomapi Zoom Team can you help here?

I am also facing the same issue. Any solution or workaround would be helpful.