Zoom IN Meeting Option Visibility Problem

Hello Zoom and Ketaki,

Please solve this problem as soon as possible my all clients facing problems so i request you to solve this problem.

Thank You…

Hi @kumkumschool,

Thanks for the reply and the information. Really appreciate it. Unfortunately, we have tried to follow your instruction and tried to reproduce this issue on our side, but no luck. Would it be possible to request an apk file of your app that could have this issue reproduced(Without code obfuscation) so that we could actually see it and investigate further?


Hello Carson,

We already provide you the apk link in previous conversation and i am again sending you the same.

Hello Team,

We have do the same process again and we successfully reproduce the same problem in our android application for that we are sharing a video and android app apk file for your reference:

First of all you can check the this video which we share with you:

you can download this video on phone or pc and play this video and check it then it will first not show the bottom and top bar but when i leave and again join the meeting it will show the both bar in meeting time.

And if you want to test same thing in our app you can download the apk file from here in two different mobile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yq4S0CGEBoUsupuNuzn_pbvedy2x9Xvu/view?usp=sharing

In first mobile login with Mobile:9924041870 and enter OTP:123456

and goto Teacher Login->Live Class->As Employee->Upcoming ->start meeting with first record with name “Zoom IN Meeting Option Visibility Problem” which start as host

and in second mobile login with Mobile: 9723202280 and enter OTP:123456

and goto Live Class->Upcoming ->start meeting with first record name “Zoom IN Meeting Option Visibility Problem” which start as participant and in this login we facing the problem

We also provide you our code snippet again below:

private void startConference() {
// Step 3: Get meeting service from zoom SDK instance.
try {
ZoomSDK zoomSDK = ZoomSDK.getInstance();
MeetingService meetingService = zoomSDK.getMeetingService();

// Step 4: Configure meeting options.

// JoinMeetingOptions opts = new JoinMeetingOptions();
// opts.no_invite = true;
// opts.no_share = true;
// opts.no_bottom_toolbar = true;
// opts.no_titlebar = true;
// opts.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_MEETING_ID + MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_PASSWORD;

JoinMeetingOptions opts = ZoomMeetingUISettingHelper.getJoinMeetingOptions();
// some available options
opts.no_driving_mode = false;
opts.no_invite = true;
opts.no_meeting_end_message = false;
opts.no_titlebar = false;
opts.no_bottom_toolbar = true;
opts.no_dial_in_via_phone = true;
opts.no_dial_out_to_phone = true;
// opts.no_disconnect_audio = true;
opts.no_share = true;
// opts.invite_options = InviteOptions.INVITE_VIA_EMAIL + InviteOptions.INVITE_VIA_SMS;
opts.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_MEETING_ID + MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_PASSWORD;
// opts.no_audio = true;
// opts.no_video = true;
// opts.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_BUTTON_SHARE;
// opts.no_meeting_error_message = true;
// opts.participant_id = “participant id”;

/* opts.meeting_views_options = 0;*/
// opts.meeting_views_options = 0;
// ZoomSDK.getInstance().getMeetingSettingsHelper().disableChatUI(true);
// Step 5: Setup join meeting parameters
JoinMeetingParams params = new JoinMeetingParams();

String mStrName = “”;
mStrName = Datastorage.GetStudentName(HomeActivity.this);
if (mStrName == null || mStrName.equalsIgnoreCase("") || mStrName.isEmpty()) {
mStrName = getEmployeeName();
if (mStrName == null || mStrName.equalsIgnoreCase("") || mStrName.isEmpty()) {
mStrName = “Student”;
params.displayName = mStrName;
params.meetingNo = mZoomMeetingNumber;
params.password = mStrMeetingPassword;

// Step 6: Call meeting service to join meeting
meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(HomeActivity.this, params, opts);
} catch (Exception e) {
// insertJoiningTime();

So please check this problem and solve it as early as possible…

Thank You

Hi @kumkumschool,

Thanks for the reply. Oh, sorry for that, we somehow missed that. Let me forward this to the engineering team and will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi @kumkumschool,

Thanks for providing the info and thanks again for providing such details. We have tried the apk you have provided and we are not able to observe the same situation as you are showing in the video. We have also tried your app download from Google App Store and we are not experiencing this issue on our device as well.

If you are able to reproduce this issue on your side, when this issue happens, could you inspect the logcat and send us the information starting with sUri=?


Hello Carson,

As per your requirement please find our sUri below:

I/MeetingServiceImpl: joinMeetingWithParams: sUri=zoomus://zoom.us/join?confno=94163696603&uname=SOLANKI+VIJAY+S.&pwd=486032&show_water_mark=1&no_invite=1&no_bottom_toolbar=1&keep_voip=1&no_dial_in_via_phone=1&no_dial_out_to_phone=1&no_share=1&meeting_views_options=96&invite_options=255&zc=0

Thank You…

Thanks for the info. I have forwarded the information to the engineering team and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hello Carson,

Any update on my problem?

Thank You…

Hi @kumkumschool,

Thanks for the follow-up and thanks for the info, here is a summary of what we have tried and experienced so far:

  • We have followed the instruction you have provided with our demo app, and we are not able to observer the issue
  • We have tried to use the code snippet you have provided, and everything is working well.
  • We have downloaded the apk you have provided, and we have also downloaded your application from Google App Store, and we are not able to reproduce the issue
  • We have also tried to use the same settings shown in the sUri to join a meeting, and we are not able to experience this issue.

We are so confused why this issue is not reproducible on our side. We have just released a new version of SDK (https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-android/releases/tag/v5.0.24433.0616), please have a try and see if this issue persists in this version.


Hello Carson_Chen,

We are facing same issue in new android SDK [V5.0.24433.0616] also so please look into this issue and resolved as early as possible.

Thank You.

Hi @kumkumschool,

Thanks for the follow-up. We have tried to reproduce the same issue again by following the steps you have provided and we are still not able to reproduce the issue with v5.0.24433.0616. And we have not received any other user reporting the same issue so it is really hard for us to troubleshoot the issue you are mentioning. We will continue monitoring and see if any other customers are reporting the same issue so that we could find more clues.


I have similar same problem when use customized UI. (API User/ Join Meeting)
JoinMeetingOptions setting is not working.

Hi Team,

I’m also facing same problem with mi 8 mobile. sometime its working fine but sometime it’s show bottom bar.

Please help us to resolve this.


Hi @eryogesh, sorry to hear you’re also running into this issue.

We still have not been able to reproduce this on our end. Could you provide a code snippet with your meeting options?


Hi jon,

Code snippet as below.

if (ZoomSDK.getInstance().isInitialized()) {
ZoomSDK zoomSDK = ZoomSDK.getInstance();
MeetingService meetingService = zoomSDK.getMeetingService();
JoinMeetingOptions joinMeetingOptions = new JoinMeetingOptions();
joinMeetingOptions.custom_meeting_id = “ABCXYZ”;
joinMeetingOptions.no_driving_mode = true;
joinMeetingOptions.no_titlebar = true;
joinMeetingOptions.no_bottom_toolbar = true;
joinMeetingOptions.no_dial_in_via_phone = true;
joinMeetingOptions.no_dial_out_to_phone = true;
joinMeetingOptions.no_share = true;
joinMeetingOptions.no_audio = false;
joinMeetingOptions.no_video = true;
joinMeetingOptions.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_PASSWORD;
JoinMeetingParams joinMeetingParams = new JoinMeetingParams();
joinMeetingParams.displayName = getName();
joinMeetingParams.meetingNo = getMeetingId();
joinMeetingParams.password = getPassword();
meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(this, joinMeetingParams, joinMeetingOptions);
} else {
Toast.makeText(this, “Please wait and Try again”, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

Hi @eryogesh, thanks for providing that.

We are still unable to reproduce on our end using those options, but we will continue to monitor how many customers run into this issue and investigate further as more information is revealed.


Hello Jon,

to reproduce this problem you have to join as participant for 5 to 6 times because its randomly coming so if you start the meeting and join as participant from other user then please leave the meeting and rejoin the meeting with 5 to 6 times then after you face this problem and in some case its comes at first time. so i suggest you to reproduce this issue in your development environment and try to rejoin 5 to 6 time in same meeting as a participant.

now we are facing lots of problem due to this people are coming by renaming their name and they putting name with some bad language so due to this it’s affect school reputation and parents are coming to the school by taking screenshot for complaining of this so i request you to please take this problem seriously and solve it asap.

Thank You…

Hi @kumkumschool, thank you for continuing to follow up on this.

I want to assure you that we take each bug report on the devforum very seriously and have had multiple members of the engineering team investigate & attempt to reproduce this issue repeatedly.

In our next SDK release, we have identified a fix for a bug similar to what you are describing which we feel may resolve this issue. Since we have been unable to reproduce the behavior you are seeing after many attempts across multiple devices and development environments, we will unfortunately not be able to tell for sure that this is fixed until the release is publicly available. Once the next version is released, please try it out and let us know if you are still seeing the issue so that we can document that the fix did not resolve it and investigate further.

Be sure to keep an eye on our release notes in the meantime. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Jon,

Thanks for your prompt reply…

As you tell that you people not able to reproduce the issue but we are able reproduce this issue on daily routine even our client (school parents) also facing this issue on daily basis.

so i request you to please check this till you reproduce this issue in participant login.

and for release can you please tell me the approx release date that how many days it will be released.

thank you…

Hi @kumkumschool, thanks for the response.

Unfortunately I cannot provide an exact date for the release right now, but keep an eye out because it should be coming soon. :slightly_smiling_face: