Zoom Integration with Custom LMS & Security Concerns

I actually have my own learning management system through which i am providing secured online lectures.
The issue lies in the live streaming or the daily class conducting in my education portal, since my work is being doubled, i actually need to create link from zoom and then add the link into my education portal which allow authorized users to access the link and get into a meeting.

The thing what i want is an API or anything that i can integrate Zoom fully with my LMS, i am going to have a teacher account, the teacher will create the live streaming link and i want it to be displayed through my portal bar, means students can take class by directly going through my portal. The teacher is going to have option to create, manage live streamings

Secondly i dont want my teachers to access the recorded lectures, i just want that teachers take the class and exit/sign out, and recording must be stored at back-end of my zoom cloud, which can only be accessible by highly authorized staff members.

These are 2 aspects i wanted to cover regarding Zoom, also wanted to add a security element is there any way i can stop students from screen recording my lectures?

Thats all i wanted a secure, safe way to integrate zoom with my customized PHP based portal.
Any possible solution will be welcome. Awaiting for help


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Hey @bytestudio1,

When you say live streams, do you mean Zoom Meetings, or actual livestreams of the Zoom Meeting?

You can do this by creating meetings with the Zoom API.

We also have a setting to not allow the host to access the recording:

You can disable the recording feature for participants and only allow the host of the meeting to record.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.