Zoom meeting does not have "End meeting for all" option anymore

Zoom meeting does not have “End meeting for all” option anymore

Zoom meeting only have “Leave meeting” option now

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Uses JWT credentials. Attaching create meeting payload settings.
“uuid”: “XXX”,
“id”: XXX,
“host_id”: “XXX”,
“topic”: “XXX”,
“type”: 2,
“status”: “waiting”,
“start_time”: “2020-05-26T21:33:04Z”,
“duration”: 60,
“timezone”: “America/Los_Angeles”,
“created_at”: “2020-05-26T21:33:04Z”,
“start_url”: “XXX”,
“join_url”: “XXX”,
“password”: “XXX”,
“h323_password”: “XXX”,
“pstn_password”: “XXX”,
“encrypted_password”: “XXX”,
“settings”: {
“host_video”: false,
“participant_video”: false,
“cn_meeting”: false,
“in_meeting”: false,
“join_before_host”: true,
“mute_upon_entry”: false,
“watermark”: false,
“use_pmi”: false,
“approval_type”: 2,
“audio”: “both”,
“auto_recording”: “none”,
“enforce_login”: false,
“enforce_login_domains”: “”,
“alternative_hosts”: “”,
“close_registration”: false,
“registrants_confirmation_email”: true,
“waiting_room”: false,
“global_dial_in_countries”: [
“global_dial_in_numbers”: [

“registrants_email_notification”: true,
“meeting_authentication”: false

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
Used to work earlier. Noticed it today onwards that “End meeting for all” option is not available and I am seeing “Leave meeting” option only.

Just to add if I use the API account (which acts as host account), I get that option.

Overall goal is to create a meeting where host won’t be present but participants may have the option to end the meeting. this used to work till a couple of days ago.

Hi @media-prod2 these meetings should ideally have a host joining into the meeting to have host controls, or have an Alternate Host assigned for one of the participants. My presumption is that in the past, meeting participants on your account were being assigned host permission if the original host had not joined?

Unfortunately, your use case is not a supported behavior; by design the only person who will have permission to end a meeting will be meeting host/co-host.