Zoom meeting recording api "/recording/:meetingId" only return the the lattest recording file but not all the recording for same meeting id

Zoom recording api:

Zoom cloud recording get api only return one recording but not all the available recording

@mksMohan10685 Hope you will be fine.

Please use meeting uuid as the parameter. But please double-encode that.

I’m seeing the same behavior. What do you mean ‘double encode’? The problem here is that the meeting has more than one recording, but only one is actually returned.

@j.ignaciofranco using Meeting Id number e.g 12345567890 will only return the last instance recordings.

Every time you start meeting Zoom is assigning a unique id called uuid to that specific instance. I am mentioning that uuid to double encode that & fetch.

Thanks. I have tried this but get a “Recording doesn’t exist” error. I get a response when using the standard meeting ID.