Zoom web sdk issue with download_url, automatic zoom recording in cloud, admin issue

I am facing following issues:

  1. I have enabled automatic recording upload in cloud and placed right code for zoom web sdk but automatic recording upload on cloud is not happening. One has to click on record button to let the recording happens in cloud.
  2. If the hosts in the zoom meeting drops out of meeting and he again joins. then the new joined meeting is not the host now, though i have set the role to 1.

Please help.

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Hi @rahul4

Does the meeting that you are starting have cloud recording enabled?

When a host leaves a meeting, and there are other participants, he has the option to assign the host privileges to one of the other participants. Once he assigns the host privileges to someone else, and they join again, they are no longer the host of the meeting.


@Ojus Please find the attached file where automatic recording is enabled.

Hey @rahul4,

When you are creating the meeting, are you also setting it to record automatically?