Zoomus-jssdk for React 16

I have an existing app running with react 16. When I tried to add zoomus-jssdk package, it is throwing this error -
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘bool’ of undefined
at Object. (app.js:201861)
at t (app.js:201826)
at Object. (app.js:201884)
at t (app.js:201826)
at Object. (app.js:201831)
at t (app.js:201826)
at Object. (app.js:201831)
at t (app.js:201826)
at Object. (app.js:201850)
at t (app.js:201826)

How should I make this package work with my app? Please note that it is not possible for me to downgrade my app react version to 15.



We are working on this issue, I will respond to you as soon as I have any updates.


Hi @trainmoo,

Please accept my apologies for the delayed response.

Can you please let us know why you would not be able to use React version 15 in your app?


I have the same problem.
Our application was built on react.js v16, and we enjoyed the new features from v16 such as react hooks.
Therefore, it seems there is no reason to downgrade react version.
Does Zoom web SDK have the plan to support react v16?

Hi magus52941,
Thanks for using Zoom SDK. We understand the benefits of supporting React 16 and I will take it as a feature request and pass it to our engineers. We will investigate and look into this. Please follow our Github repo for any updates.


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I have the same problem with React 16

I have a create-react-app, in development it’s working fine, but on production trigger this error

backend.js:1 TypeError: Super expression must either be null or a function, not undefined
at zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:38208
at zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:38207
at Object.e.exports (zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:38193)
at t (zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:38146)
at e.exports (zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:38150)
at Object.e.exports (zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:38138)
at n (zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:15)
at Object.e.exports (zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:10826)
at n (zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:15)
at Object.e.exports (zoomus-jssdk.umd.min.js:34240)

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