1.8.0 video improvements - we need details

Version 1.8.0 will bring again video encoding improvements, and that’s a good point.

Looks like you’ve being working closely with google team to be able to improve things, and the new 1.8.0 release will require a new Chrome release (not yet released, that’s the point) if we want to take full advantages of these improvements.

I have few questions about it, based on google Chrome update scheduling here

  1. Are you waiting for the Web Assembly SIMD from Chrome release 84 ?
  2. If it’s not the Web Assembly SIMD, which feature are you waiting for ?
  3. Which Chrome version will be required ?
  4. Regarding your own release schedule and google one, do you feel confident on the release dates for both parts ? What are your strategies if let say google postpone their release(s) ? Will you ask us to use a beta version of the future release, or freeze / postpone your own release planning ?
  5. What kind of improvement do you expect ? (better support for low CPU specification clients (especially hosts), possibility of handling video resolution of 720p, other?)

All these questions are important for us to be able to correctly plan future SDK upgrade as well as Chrome version deployment on our infrastructure.

Thanks in advance for sharing with us as much as possible.


Hi @nvivot,

Yes, we are waiting for this release on July 14th to run some test and improve the WebSDK CPU usage.

The latest Chrome version will always be recommended.

Since this is dependent on Chrome, we will delay the features related to the Chrome release and in this case it would only be Improving the CPU Usage during meetings.

We expect lower CPU usage for meetings across the board. As for 720p, this is more of an encoding issue that we’ll have to do further test out before we release this feature.

Good questions, let us know if you need more clarification or have anymore!



Thank you very for answering our questions. Definitely helped!

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Thanks Michael!

@nvivot let us know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: