2 multiple substitutions still specified in non positional format

I am producing a binding library for Xamarin Forms. I need to include the mobilertc.aar file in the binding project. There are some errors in the resource files concerning placeholders stopping my binding project building. Most values.xml files have been updated recently with correct positional parameter syntax for multiple parameters. This is great. Instead of ‘$s some text $s’ it is now correctly ‘%1$s some text %2$s’.

However there are two missing strings still erroring when trying to bind a library. It occurs when there are both a $s and a $d in the same string. This case must have been missed in the automated cleanup script. There are also others still with multiple $s’s, see my comment below.

The two resource keys with errors are

<string name="zm_join_meeting_fail_dialog_msg_164409">%s (Error Code: %d)</string>
should be
<string name="zm_join_meeting_fail_dialog_msg_164409">%1$s (Error Code: %2$d)</string>

zm_accessibility_reacion_label_233717 - similar error

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Open the file values.xml and search for the strings. This regex will find strings with more than one $[PLACEHOLDER] character in any order. The regex could be improved to only match the placeholders themselves.


There is also a resource key in the values.xml (english) file with an invalid whitespace character



@jon.zoom hi! Hope you’re doing well. Do you have any update on this please?

Hi @a.diament,

We have a ticket for this work, but have not yet prioritized and assigned it to a release. I will keep you updated if I hear anything.


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Any update here @jon.zoom ? Thanks

I found additional error resource keys that need fixing: these all have two $s’s in


These appear to have been added since the fix that was introduced in the last version. Is it possible some teams are adding placeholders correctly, and other teams working on the same file are still doing it in the old way?

Hi @a.diament,

We do not have any updated timelines on this yet. I will be sure to let you know once anything changes on this front. :slightly_smiling_face:


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