400 Bad Request

My first question since I am brand new to Zoom and trying to create a Zoom App is,
I read about the development and production option for an APP but can’t quite figure out how to select either to create an APP for development vs production. Is there some selection I’m missing?

I did create a JWT app and did get to run successfully from my web site, but when I tried to run a “chat/users/me/messages” I get an (401) Unauthorized. It run OK for “users?status=active&page_size=30&page_number=1” but not for certain APIs. So I did read that the List Message API requires an OAuth App. Is that true?

So I created an OAuth App and got it to run to the point of successfully getting an auth… code returned ok. But using that auth. code with a “POST” and trying to run an API like
api.zoom.us/v2/users/me” I keep getting a (400) Bad Request… I tried add scopes but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

So I need to figure out why I keep getting the (400) Bad Request when I run the Oauth App I created.

Any help would be great.

What scope needs to be set to read Chat Messaged?

I found my issue was because I build the APP at the Account Level rather than the User level, once I did that it worked as expected.

Happy to hear you figured out the issue! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have other questions!


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