Ability to update International Calling Country/Region settings for Phone Users and Sites via Phone API

We are trying to update a Phone Users’ or Sites’ International Calling Country/Region settings via the Phone API. The API appears to surface all other policy options and their respective subcategories, except for the International Calling Manage Country/Region settings.

For clarity:
Webpage navigation is either Phone System Management > Users & Rooms > *Select A User* > Policy [tab at the top] > International Calling > Manage Country/Region or Phone System Management > Sites > *Select a Site > Policy [tab at the top] > International Calling > Manage Country/Region.
The Phone API location is either /phone/users/userId} or /phone/sites/{siteId}.

From here, you can toggle international calling on or off, but you cannot manage the Country/Region settings. (Note: You are able to manage these settings for SMS > International SMS.)
Also, an interesting behavior we have seen is that if you toggle it off and then back on, it currently defaults back to your default country, I believe. (Or at least it defaults back to US from our testing in the US.)
However, the fact that we are unable to assign/change the countries that are set under this setting make it difficult to work around.

Describe the solution you’d like

  "policy": {
    "international_calling": {
      "enable": true,
      "reset": true,
      "locked": true
      "international_countries": [
        "US", "CA"

I suspect the SMS > International SMS settings might be a good place to consider “replicating” the behavior from. This looks like it would work for updating settings for both a Phone User and Sites.

Lastly, it is very unfortunate, but without this setting available via the API, there are no alternative method for us to update those settings. It currently has to be manually updated via the webpage at that point, and it is also not an option for the Import/Export feature from the webpage.

(NOTE: After inspecting the traffic when changing this setting via the webpage, it appears to be making a PUT request to https://us01pbx.zoom.us/api/v2/pbx/account/, which we as public developers don’t have access to. Not sure if this helps or not, but I at least wanted to share the knowledge I have found so far.)