About Data Encryption

If you publish zoomAPP, I think you need to encrypt the information you get from the API.

I think user passwords and email addresses need to be encrypted, but do meeting join_time and meeting leave_time also need to be encrypted?

If not, I would like to store them unencrypted.

@taki22 Only the following need to be encrypted:

  • OAuth & Security Tokens
  • Access Keys & Secrets
  • Passwords
  • File contents
  • User Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Since meeting_join and meeting_leave time are not PII, I dont think you need to encrypt it.



User Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Does PII include Zoom user ID (unique), account ID or registrant ID?

How do you check if the data stored in the DB is encrypted during the submission review?
Do you actually check the DB data in the production environment?


Will it take time to respond?


Sorry for the delay in response. I dont think this is considered as PII

Thanks for the reply.
I understand.

Hi, we store this call log information for reporting, do we need to store it encrypted?

site name

Thank you.

Hi @juan.carcamo

Any information that can personally identify a user needs to be encrypted. You may need to encrypt the information