About the sample and format of "SDLC process"



It is said that “SDLC” is required as shown below,
Do you have any samples or formats?

Thank you for your submission to be considered for our Beta program. In reviewing the content and information you shared, the Technical Design section indicated that you do not have a Secure SDLC process, do not conduct vulnerability scans (SAST/DAST), and do not perform ongoing pen testing for your application.

Your beta submission does not meet the minimum requirements for a beta url. We also require supporting evidence to demonstrate an adequate security posture for a beta url. We encourage you to follow through with our standard publication process to have your app shareable with others outside of your account.


Thank you for post, unfortunately We don’t have any examples or templates that we give developers, but largely the SSDLC should reflect an app’s entire development process from requirements to production.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi, Kwaku

Where should I submit my documents

Hello @horinouchi when you are going through the submission for Approval Process you will be prompted to submit your TDD and you have the option to add attachments please add them there.

Regards, Kwaku

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