Access all webinars and meetings through Pro account-level app?

Hey folks, just getting started with the Zoom API for fetching and adding registrants to meetings and webinars.

In my testbed I’m making a simple call to the meetings and webinars endpoints, using a JWT token. I’m connecting and authenticating successfully and getting a response, but despite having a test meeting scheduled, I’m getting no results.

Endpoint request URL:

string(79) “{“page_count”:0,“page_number”:1,“page_size”:10,“total_records”:0,“meetings”:}”

I definitely have a meeting scheduled:

When I try and fetch webinars, I received a message saying that my account does not have access to webinars - even though the app I created is an account-level app, and the account owner is on a Pro plan with webinars enabled.

Am I missing something in the permissions flow that will allow my app to see all meetings and webinars for the organization?

Hey @amphibian,

Can you try passing in the email or userID of the user you are trying to get the scheduled meeting for instead of me.

Please also try setting the type=scheduled query param instead of upcoming.

What are you passing in for the {userId} path when attempting to get webinars?


Thanks Tommy - passing the email address was the key, for both meetings and webinars.

But that leads to another question - is there a way to return meetings and webinars created by all users on the account? There are multiple people in the organization, and more than one may create meetings and webinars, but we want to fetch them for the organization as a whole.

Hey @amphibian,

Happy to hear passing in the email worked! :slight_smile:

To list all scheduled meetings, you’d need to call list users, and then list users meetings for each user.