Access-Control Lists/Permissions for all objects

If I, as an account owner, fetch say all cloud recordings via the API by looping over all users and using the /users/{userId}/recordings endpoint, can I somehow see who of my users has access to these recordings?

I guess a recording can be found in /users/1/recording but user 2 also has access.

The same question goes for other objects too such as, for example, meetings.

The other users except for the account owner who would be able to access these recordings are the host of that meeting/ admin of your account. If you have assigned a user with “Recording:Edit”, “Recording:Read” permissions, they will be able to access it as well. You can view permissions of a user using Get User Permissions API.


Thanks Shrijana

So with this Recording:Read permission am I to understand that with it, you have access to all recordings? There is no per recording permissions? Do normal users regularly have this permission applied? I guess if they don’t, they’ll only be able to see their own recordings?

Hi @mads.ohm yes, if the user in the account has been assigned this permission, they have access to it. This permission doesn’t come by default for all users (only meeting hosts, admin, users assigned with that permission) can have it. You can learn more about managing cloud recordings here. If you are sharing the recording publicly, anyone can view it. You can add further restrictions to the recording by using authentication profiles.


Just to be clear:

Using the API as an account owner, I can’t see which users have access to which recordings. Is that correct?

All of the things in the links you show is to do with individual people being logged into What I’m trying to accomplish is much the same, but away from the UI. I want to list all the recordings, with a super-user API access, but still have the ability to see which users should have access to which recordings. I don’t think that it possible via the API, am I right?

Hey @mads.ohm,

As the account owner, you can access your users recordings:

You’d want to implement custom logic on your end to limit which users can access which webianrs.

If you use a User Level OAuth app, you can limit the users access to only their recordings.