Access non-verbal feedback summary via API or Webhook

Is it possible to obtain the non-verbal feedback summary in either a client or a separate app? I would like to provide the summary information to another app in order to provide additional feedback to the meeting administrator/host.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Open to using any App type that can give this information.

Which Endpoint/s?
Open to using any Endpoint type that can give this information.

Hi @sabine.schnabeltier,

While it’s a great suggestion, we don’t have an endpoint that returns this kind of information currently. However you might consider checking out our Marketplace for any existing apps that might help with this kind of information.


Thanks for your response!

Do you have a suggestion for a Marketplace app that provides this information? I tried searching for keywords like “feedback” and “non-verbal” but those searches come up empty.

As an additional question, how would a Marketplace app get access to this non-verbal feedback summary information? Perhaps I could use the same technique…

Thanks again!

Hi @sabine.schnabeltier,

While I don’t have an app off-hand, I do know that there have been apps that leverage certain information such as participant duration, meeting info, etc., to make some assumptions about users’ participation.


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