Access to all Zoom Room touch panel images


I would like to request a way for all devs to be able to pull the images, backgrounds, buttons on, off and hover in HD that we may use for custom Zoom Room touch panel dev. The apps that we personally have used and liked are the IPad, Crestron TSW series or something similar.

The problem we are having is that we love the Qsys platform, but want to customize the Zoom app from the ground up instead of using the one provided. the Qsys Zoom demo does not include a location that is accessible to pull into other projects. Currently it is only imbeded into thier demo proj via .svg

Is there a way to receive a folder with all images/buttons for our/everyone’s internal dev of the Zoom Room touch panel?

Transparent / other Images to include:On, Off, Hover and all buttons within these tabs
Meet now
Meetings List
Room Controls

Thank you,

Hey @jbrilhante,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions around the Zoom Room API. We are working on new endpoints currently. You can follow our change log here for info when it is released.