AccessToken from Apps SDK

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s){meetingId}{meetingId}/jointoken/local_recording

I’m developing Zoom Marketplace App and use Apps SDK for client app and Meeting API for backend-side. I’m getting user’s accessToken by zoomSDK.authorize method in the client app and this token has several scopes like meeting:read meeting_token:read:local_recording user:read zoomapp:inmeeting and I need these all scopes.

After getting this accessToken, I send the token to my backend server and when I try to request /meetings/{meetingId} it works when I’m the host of a Zoom meeting. But when I try to the API with a participant role, it is failed with 3001 error. I think it seems to be related to a role of a Zoom user. Right?

In addition, when I try to request /users/me with accessToken regardless of the meeting role, it always works. It is really weird.

In summary, I want to use 2 APIs /meetings/{meetingId} and /meetings{meetingId}/jointoken/local_recording and it works when a requestor is a host role of a Zoom meeting, but not works for other roles.

{ code: 3001, message: ‘Meeting is not found or has expired.’ }

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN
Got 3001 error