Account does not enabled REST API. in return to Webinar Details Api Call

Hello everyone,

We have a web app that calls the Zoom API to retrieve details of webinars/meetings and generate a report for our clients. We are in the process of transitioning to a server-to-server OAuth app. I can generate a token and successfully send it to retrieve webinar details in Postman. However, when I run our C# code, I can generate the token but cannot retrieve the details. Instead, I receive an error/bad request.

Could you please clarify what this error means? Is it related to network or HTTPS issues, or is there something incorrect in the request body/header or authorization that’s causing this error when sending the request to the Zoom API?

Thank you.

Hi @ali.mosabebi ,

Yes it could be either of those things! We he have a few threads on this. Please check them out and see if it helps isolate for your situation :slight_smile:

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