Add custom button in bottom bar of meeting window

Add custom button in bottom bar of a meeting window.
I need to add them in electron application and ionic application.
I would also like to add this this later into marketplace.

Which version?

Base SDK versions:
win32 native sdk version:zoom-sdk.4.6.15798.0403
mac native sdk version:All_mac_sdk_4.6.15798.0403

Additional context
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Hi khalilmohammadmirza,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The Electron SDK does not support customized UI at the moment.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Can you provide what sdks support UI customization.

Best on this knowledge, we will start development.

Hi khalilmohammadmirza,

The native SDKs: Windows SDK and Mac OS SDK are supporting Custom UI.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Yes, it does help.

Does ionic support ui customization?
If not, Does android and Ios allow ui customization?


Ionic SDK does not support custom UI due to the framework constraints. Android and iOS SDK supports Custom UI.


Hey @Carson_Chen,

Could you share if there is any plan to add support for the custom UI feature to the electron SDK? I know it is difficult to provide an accurate estimate, but with the understanding that roadmap/plans may change, is there any kind of very high level expectation for when we can expect this feature to be added?

I would love to leverage this feature in my app which is already built on the electron sdk.


Hi Nitin,

Thanks for the reply. Currently the Custom UI feature is only available on the native SDKs. There are some constraints from the framework which will make the custom UI not working as expected. We will continue monitoring the capabilities of the framework and we will look into the possibilities of supporting Custom UI when it is possible.

Hope this helps. Thanks!