Add/delete phone individual assistants/delegates

The current phone api /phone/users/{userID}/settings/delegations lets you add individual delegation_assistant_extension_id to a user, but it appears to be no way to remove an individual assistant. It appears that you can only remove all (via DELETE /phone/users/{userID}/settings/delegations), and then add back in the ones that you want to keep.

Is this a limitation of the API, or is there missing documentation on the UPDATE method for the same endpoint?

David Nahman-Ramos
Pixar Animation Studios

Hi David,

To delete just one delegate, you can pass a query string param to the DELETE request with the extension_id of the delegate to be deleted.

DELETE /phone/users/{mgr_email}/settings/delegation?assistant_extension_id={asst_extension_id}

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the reply. What I’m observing is if I have two assistants defined for one manager, and I pass the assistant_extension_id for one assistant to that delete method, both assistants get deleted. Is that something that you can replicate?


No, when I test this it works as expected. Only the one assistant that was specified in the DELETE is removed. Any other existing assistants remain on the manager. Are you sure your code is passing the assistant’s extension id properly ?

Hi Justin,

Thanks, found the problem – the assistant’s extension_id was getting passed in the request body, not as the URL query string.

Thanks for the point in the right direction!