AI CO-Pilot integration on the zoom marketplace

Hello Zoom team,

AI CO-Pilot use to exist as an app/feature in the zoom marketplace, but it was removed. Is there another way to integrate CO-Pilot to Zoom? Or if not possible an app/feature that does the same job as AI CO-pilot? I saw AI Companion, but I am not sure if it has the same features as CO-Pilot. Since CO-Pilot was removed I can not compare features.


Welcome and thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. I am not familiar with the AI CO-polit integration, but I am happy to investigate it and provide you with more information. Could you please share the specific features you are looking for? I may be able to suggest an alternative option.

Hi Donte,

Thank you for reaching out. A colleague wants me to research about AI CO-pilot, but it was taken off before I can check out it’s features.

This was the exact link: App Marketplace.

I was only able to grab some words in Google: Copilot surfaces voice-activated cue cards, based on the conversation in the Zoom meeting, that empowers reps to answer these questions and objections.