Allow Landscape view

I am trying to get the video to rotate when the device is rotated to landscape. Currently the video on a desktop rotates between portrait and landscape when the  iOS device is rotated, but on the actual device no rotation of the view is happening. I would like the view to rotate to landscape when the device is rotated.


hi staff:

we do not support that right now. Sorry for that.

Does it still holds true? Zoom does not support ios screen rotation? Can i hardcode it to landscape mode?

Hi anshul.garg,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Our iOS SDK does support screen rotation.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Does zoom still not support landscape for IOS devices? Zooming a wedding and this is proving to be extremely disappointing…

Very lame. In order to record horizontal video you just have to accept that everything you see will be rotated 90 degrees. This is such a fundamental quality of life issue it baffles me that it hasn’t been resolved already.
First time using zoom on ios today and I can promise I will never use it (on an ios device) again.

Hey @nkearneyri and @WigboticusRex

Thanks for using the dev forum!

The Zoom iOS SDK supports rotation device rotation. Both the video will rotate and the view will rotate.
If you would like to see an implementation of this please check out our sample app:


I was able to force rotate my zoom meeting to landscape but I have a different problem. My Zoom Video view is inside a container view as I am showing some feature of my app on the right and bottom Strip of the screen. Everything is working fine but when I try to swipe for gallery view, the tableview inside the controller “ZMZoomViewController” takes Table View Row height as full screen instead of my container view size. Can you please help me out on how do I set the content of active speaker and gallery view fit to the container view?

1st Image -> When call has started. Everything is fine. Bottom bar comes up at the right place. Powered by zoom is also at the correct place and not going behind my blue view.

2nd Image -> As soon as I scroll to see Gallery View, There is a extra white space which is equal to the blue strip width. It is considering full width even when my container view is limited in the width.

3rd Image -> Takes 1 more scroll in pagination to show gallery view but still Gallery view frame is wrong and taking full screen into consideration.

How can I simply run the whole UI in my container without this issue? Please help. It’s Urgent.

Hey @hemant

Would you be able to supply your code for laying out the galleryView and turning it on?