Allow option is hidden when try to join from zoom SDK in IOS

Hi, I have integrated Zoom Mobile SDK for iOS iPad device only. It accepts join request from all zoom apps except integrated app which are installed to other iPad device to join meeting. The origin app has both host and join button where hosting meeting is working nicely but it cannot show allow option when send join request from other device using same app.

xcode 11
Swift 5
iOS: 13 *
zoom lastest

Start meeting when user is secretary-----

  func startZoomMeeting()
            let ms:MobileRTCMeetingService = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService()! //[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService];
            var param:MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4LoginlUser!
            param = MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4LoginlUser()
            let user:MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4LoginlUser = MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4LoginlUser()                
            param = user;
            param.meetingNumber = meetingNo//kSDKMeetNumber; // if kSDKMeetNumber is empty, it‘s a instant meeting.
            param.isAppShare = false//appShare;
            let ret:MobileRTCMeetError  = ms.startMeeting(with: param)//[ms startMeetingWithStartParam:param];
            print("onMeetNow ret:%d", ret);

Join meeting when user is member====

func loginZoomUser(email:String, password:String){            
            let authService: MobileRTCAuthService? = MobileRTC.shared().getAuthService()            
            // Step 2: call logoutRTC
            if (authService != nil) {
            authService?.delegate = self
            authService?.login(withEmail: email, password: password, rememberMe: true)            
            //MobileRTC.shared().getAuthService()?.login(withEmail: email, password: password, rememberMe: true)

Hey @arifhosain

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To make sure I am understanding the issue correctly: For the same meeting, all other devices are able to join successfully and be admitted by the host. However, on iPad the user is unable to be admitted to the meeting correct?

What is the behavior on the iPad users’ screen when this scenario happens?

Thank you!

It shows waiting for no specific time but when I join using zoom app, it get successfully join to meeting. The issue is when I try to join using iPad using same SDK developed app.

Hi Michael_Condon,
Thank you for replay.

on iPad the user is unable to be admitted to the meeting correct? Yes correct if iPad user try to join the meeting using our SDK integrated app. But if iPad user try to join meeting using zoom app then iPad user can join successfully. The issue is happening on SDK integrated app. This is a meeting app where no external zoom app will be used. Only SDK integrated app is shared to member and they will join the meeting. Please let me share answer of your question if have.


Hey @arifhosain,

When the user logs in, is onMobileRTCLoginReturn being called? If so, is that call successful?
Similarly, when the user tries to join a meeting is onMeetingError, onMeetingStateChange, or onJoinMeetingConfirmed called?


Hi @Michael_Condon

If we create a meeting from iPad user from our app and we try to join the meeting from other iPad via our app. It just show waiting for the joining user and on the iPad which created meeting does not show anything relates to the admit the user.

But when we create meeting from zoom app then we can join the meeting using our app.

This is the scenario. Hope it will help.

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Hey @arifhosain,

If it is alright with you, lets continue our conversation in SDK doesn't allow join to meeting using same ClientKey and clientSecret from multiple device to help speed up resolution :slight_smile: