SDK doesn't allow join to meeting using same ClientKey and clientSecret from multiple device

Hi there,
I have integrated zoom SDK to my existing meeting app for video/audio conference using ClientKey & clientSecret and It runs successfully. The SDK has two option, one for admin to host meeting and one for general member to join meeting. The option is dynamically visible based on role. Admin can successfully host the meeting but the problem is member cannot join the meeting using same version of app installing to their iPad. It just showing waiting… but I didn’t see the option allow on hosted device.

On the other hand, if you try to join hosted meeting using your phone/web/other-zoom app you can join.

Additional context
Is the issue is because of using same ClientKey and clientSecret to multiple device or what I need to do to solve it. Help me please to fix the issue as I was try to fix it over 2 months.

Hey @arifhosain

Thanks for using the dev forum again. Sorry about the delay in response.
The clientKey and clientSecret should be good to use on multiple devices. Have you implemented a MobileRTCMeetingDelegate? If so, are you getting any callbacks when you try to join the meeting?


Hi @Michael_Condon

We did not implemented this MobileRTCMeetingDelegate in our code but we implemented MobileRTCMeetingServiceDelegate delegate.

I am using this code :

let joinParams:MobileRTCMeetingJoinParam = MobileRTCMeetingJoinParam()
joinParams.meetingNumber = meetingNo
joinParams.password = meetingPassword
service.joinMeeting(with: joinParams)

Hey @arifhosain

My mistake, I meant MobileRTCMeetingServiceDelegate :slight_smile:.

Inside MobileRTCMeetingServiceDelegate there are a few useful callbacks:

Are these callbacks being called when attempting to join a meeting on the iPad? If onMeetingError is being called, what error is being returned?