An error occurred while refreshing the meeting Oauth token. I can't refresh the token

I am switching from JWT mode to Oauth authentication mode. I try to get the Token in Oauth, and I successfully use this Token to get the conference information.
But when I tried to refresh the token to increase its use time, I kept getting an error, returning yes 400

**Error? **
I passed the data strictly in accordance with the format, but I was unable to refresh the Token successfully. I have been making 400 errors. I guarantee that the data I filled in was accurate and correct

How To Reproduce
Basic OGs4WFgzdXhUWHFsbzhCallDYnhTdzpXNk9wVWNYaVZ5NkpoN1dMc2UwZWU3b3V4eGFRNEdsMQ==
Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
grant_type refresh_token
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Hi @zoomapi2
Thanks for reaching out to us! I am happy to help here!
Can you please confirm if the refresh token has not been used ?
Everytime you generate a new token using the refresh token, a new pair of tokens will get generated, so you will have to use the latest refresh token in your next request

I would like to ask you, the best way to achieve is, the following is my example
The first time I call once, return identity token A and refresh token A
When identity token A is about to expire, I use refresh token A to call refresh and get a new set of tokens
Identity token B and refresh token B, which I will then use at the next scheduled meeting
Identity token B authenticates once.
I then instruct identity token B, and when the hour is about to expire, I use refresh token B
Make the next new request. obtained
Identity token C and refresh token C

In the loop above, we keep calling,
If from the design logic of my program, to ensure that the identity token does not expire, I need to request at least 24 times a day, I would like to know.
Does this scheme meet the standards for Oauth authentication?
In addition, I would like to ask if it is feasible to use this way.

Hi @zoomapi2
your example is correct.
You will have to generate a new token every time it expires.

Here is a link to our Docs: