Android Custom Ui How to Start

Hii Sir,
I will Try Sample App of Zoom Meeting SDK.
i was download latest Version of Zoom Meeting SDK but Sample App Not Work.

can u explain How to Start And Create Custom Ui With Java /Kotlin Activity Step by Step.
and i will suggest please Create One Demo Of Custom Meeting How to Start an Work With Custom Design…Because Many Zoom USers Sae Issue WHen Read All Android Que in Zoom Support…
i kindly Request Please Share truth Ans Sir.
1===>Custom ui Design Suport in ANdroid Latest Upgrade SDK Version ? YES/No
2==> if Android Support Custom Ui how to start with ourActivity Fully Explaiined.Please.
Thanks in Advances.


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Please our support document on enabling Custom UI for Andriod SDK. You can try the custom UI interfaces with the sample app to get some feeling as well.

Customize the Meeting UI

Let me know if this helps or if you are encountering any issues.

I will use this sample module.but not work in latest upgrade version.i will facing error code 01 and after 02…can u describe how to load only sample app with appkey and secret key using.
Need many more help to us…
Thanks in advance

@akshat.iappstack ,

Can you provide more details about the issue you are facing and what you have already tried? The more information you provide, the better we can guide you towards a solution. It will also be beneficial to the community, as someone else might encounter the same problem and find this post helpful. Also, note if you have any error messages or screenshots, please share them with us. We have already provided a code sample in Kotlin for your reference.

Implement features

when run Demo after use JWT Token then i willshow error below image.


Have you verified that your signature is being generated correctly? Here is a helpful guide on troubleshooting JWT token:

same situation . below my JWT TOKEN

Plz check it !! @donte.zoom

after see this troubleshooting I will creat new token but once again face same error in Zoom SDK Sample .
i wll provide below images.

app not forward to next screen …please help us …

@akshat.iappstack ,

Your signature looks correct. Be sure to verify the local time on your computer is auto-syncing the system time correctly. It is recommended to generate the signature on the server side, in UTC / GMT to avoid timezone/time sync issues, and also to keep your Client Secret, Secret.

I do not see anything wrong with the signature.

Hii Good Morning @donte.zoom
I’ve checked. My laptop time is correct. I am in IST timezone.
As per read this articles.
Articles Link : Join a meeting without launching new activity - #6 by carson.zoom
Custom UI in zoom is only in paid version?

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