Android SDK not initializing with JWT token after upgrade to 5.16.10

update Zoom SDK to 5.16.10
and I get error code 1 and internal code 0
this how I initialize sdk

 fun initSDK(context: Context, callback: InitAuthSDKCallback) {
        zoomSDK = ZoomSDK.getInstance()
        if (!zoomSDK.isInitialized) {
            initAuthSDKCallback = callback

            val initParams = ZoomSDKInitParams()
            initParams.jwtToken = generateToken()
            initParams.enableLog = true
            initParams.domain = WEB_DOMAIN

            zoomSDK.initialize(context, callback, initParams)

and method to get jwttoken

private fun generateToken(): String {
    var token = ""
    try {
        val algorithm: Algorithm = Algorithm.HMAC256(BuildConfig.zoomSecretKey)
        val expirationDate =
            Date(System.currentTimeMillis() + 3600000) // Set the token expiration time (1 hour in this example)
        token = JWT.create()
    } catch (e: Exception) {
    return token

@amany.ebrahim303 could you share a sample of the generated token?

You will need the necessary key value pairs listed here

Key Necessity Value
appKey Required (native)* Optional for web. Your Meeting SDK app type’s SDK Key if you have one, or client ID if you do not.
iat Required The token issue timestamp.
exp Required The JWT expiration timestamp. Mininum = 1800 seconds greater than the iat value, maximum recommended = 48 hours greater than the iat value. In epoch format.
tokenExp Required SDK authenticated session expiration timestamp. Minimum = 1800 seconds greater than the iat value, maximum recommended = 48 hours greater than iat value. In epoch format.

sample of jwt Token :

@amany.ebrahim303 this key is invalid as it is missing all the payload such as Appkey, iat, exp and tokenExp.

Please refer to Meeting SDK Auth on the necessary values in the payload

thanks for reply @chunsiong.zoom

what about that not working also


1646937553 timestamp is in 2022, March 10th. This has probably expired close to 2 years ago