Annotation support for Instant SDK

After setting up Zoom mobile video SDK, I discovered that the sample app does not provide a way to select a whiteboard as an option while sharing a screen, neither does it allows a user to annotate over the shared screen.
Whereas the Zoom client SDK had both of these features in Android.

Which Mobile Video SDK version?
The mobile SDK version I am using is: 1.0.1 (54948.0203)

Additional context
The share option displays a dialog box that allows the user to either Share Device Screen or Share Picture, but no way to share the whiteboard or to annotate over the shared screen.

Please clarify whether the ZoomInstantSDK supports whiteboard annotation or not.

Hi @ronak,

The Zoom Video SDKs do not support anotation, this is something that you would implement yourself. See raw video data for more information on how to edit video data before it is sent.

The Video SDKs are there for you to develop your own video solutions, and many features in the Zoom Client SDK will not be present with the Video SDKs.


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Hey @alexmayo, thanks for the reply.

So according to this, I will have to implement all the drawing features on top of the canvas and then add them to the video.
Is there a working project from Zoom or an open-source community that has implemented the above approach, basically a code-sample to look at?

Kindly let me know if you are aware of it.

Hi @ronak,

I do not - the video SDKs haven’t been out for too long, so there aren’t many opensource projects involving them yet.

Depending on your use-case, have you looked at the Customized Meeting UI for the Mobile Client SDKs? Obviously this is restricted in that it only works with Zoom Meetings and Webinars, however it does allow you to play around with the interface, and keep that annotation feature.


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Hey @ronak ,

We do plan on creating Video SDK sample apps with some example features.

In the meantime, please checkout the Customized Meeting UI that @alexmayo mentioned. :slight_smile:


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