API Call to enable "Manage Participants" tab

Feature request.

  1. We’re looking for a way to open automatically the “Manage Participants” tab on load of the Meeting.
    We’ve tried with many jQuery calls on the ZoomMtg success, but it does not always work.

  2. Also, a way to set the width of the “Manage Participants” tab would be great.

  3. Also, when the browser window is less wide than about 900px, it forces the participants tab to come as a modal. Is there any way to force it differently?

Thanks in advance

Hi @osdev,

Thank you for taking the time to relay these feature suggestions—you make some great points. If you’re so inclined, I’d also recommend posting in our #feature-requests channel.

In regards to the responsiveness of the participants tab moving to a modal, it’s not currently possible to alter this behavior, though you may consider trying some custom CSS.


Thanks, I will open a thread in feature request.

Thanks @osdev — our team continues to go through these feature requests, so we appreciate your feedback!

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