API Endpoints & Webhooks for: status.zoom.us

This is for developer-specific feature requests. For other requests please contact our customer support team.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Our current issue is the inability to automatically access, view, or pull information from status.zoom.us without manual interaction. We use a 3rd party product to display active availability for many SaaS products that are used on campus.
For Zoom, we can subscribe via email to notifications and then manually update the status for our users/clients to view. We noticed there was a webhook option, but that webhook integration currently permitted is very limited on status.zoom.us

Our main product for monitoring the availability of SaaS products on campus is StatusHub. It takes in specific webhook POSTs with custom payload which we cannot currently create for status.zoom.us
The existing webhooks provided by Zoom do not have purview over status.zoom.us and we cannot view historical data via API call.

Describe the solution you’d like
We’d like to be able to pull current and historical data from status.zoom.us via API calls and be able to customize webhooks and their payloads when changes occur to the status page. That is, expand on the existing setup and allow us to configure webhooks that have purview over status.zoom.us.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Currently, the alternative is waiting for an email notification that Zoom service is interrupted/down/etc. then manually updating our internal system that monitors our SaaS services. Our client/users could all subscribe via email to status page but that is not an ideal solution.
We prefer having a centralized hub that our clients/customers can check for all our institutions SaaS products and quickly determine whether or not a product is experiencing service issues.

Additional context
Apps within Zoom Marketplace exist for other service monitoring products, but not the product we currently use: StatusHub. If more customizability can be allotted for Zoom admins with regards to status.zoom.us we can create our own integrations with products not already in the marketplace.