API for disabling "record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately"

Using Postman Native client, raw JSON, I can disable (false) a) record active speaker with shared screen via “record_speaker_view”:false b) record gallery view with shared screen via “record_gallery_view”:false. But I cannot false out "“record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately” and the sub choices are still selected. Doesn’t this mean that one line is still enabled, I am still having all speaker view, gallery view, and shared screen recorded?

No error. Receive a 204 No Content

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JWT - inherit auth from parent

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  1. {
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Additional context
We are trying to save space in the cloud by disabling most recordings by default WITHOUT locking settings.api_terror

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Hey @mberleju,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Just to make sure that I’m clear on your issue, you’re saying that in the API you set the following fields to false

“record_speaker_view”: false,
“record_gallery_view”: false,
“record_audio_file”: false,

and you still see that recordings are stored separately. Is that correct? Or, are you seeing it’s still selected in the Web Portal? Any detail you can provide will be helpful.


We are seeing they are still checked in the Web portal. I am currently testing what our experience would be with the Web portal looking like that- and it appears that only SpeakerView is being recorded- but I may need additional camera-on devices to join me in the test.

Our goal is to API all users to ONLY Speaker View: true and Gallery View:false. With those sub-choices selected, are we certain that ONLY speaker view will be recorded? Help Center literature is incomplete for this and the option to false via API is not possible.

@Max: I have tested this, and to my concern, if Speakerview: true; Gallerview: False; but Web portal still shows “record separately is checked”, you get BOTH Speaker and Gallery recordings.

Hey @mberleju,

Thank you for providing additional information. Would you be able to test if changing this setting at the account-level has an effect on what you’re seeing? I want to make sure that the account-level settings aren’t overriding the user-level settings.



Not sure what settings you would like me to select/unselect. Here are my account settings already (screen shot).

@MaxM Is there a path forward for this? Is Zoom able to remedy this via new API options? Should I open a support case with Zoom? What is a plan of action we can take? Thanks!

Hey @mberleju,

Thank you for the update. It seems like this is the expected behavior because the “record gallery view with shared screen” setting will just use the gallery view when recording a shared screen whereas the "record separately" option will create the separate files.

If you don’t want the gallery view recorded, you can deselect the “Gallery View” option under the “record separately” setting.


Does that make sense?

If you would like the ability to change the “Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately” option via API to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category.

Let me know if that helps.


@MaxM This is seems to be a flawed implementation of the API. I will submit my request.

Hey @mberleju,

Feel free to send me a link to the feature request you created and I’ll pass it to our internal team.


THANK YOU @MaxM . Here is the request. If you believe I should edit the request to clarify or correct, please do let me know where to correct it!

Hey @mberleju,

Thank you for submitting that feature request. I’ve passed it along to our engineering team and will follow-up with you in that thread.


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