API: Manage Workspace map images

It would be useful to be able to manage the underlying Workspaces map imagery by the API.

This would allow us to dynamically indicate non-Workspace features, such as where pieces of mobile technology are, or other non-Workspace assets.

Alternatively, as a more general feature, an API method to be able to replace content library images would probably achieve the same in a more general way - as long as the content IDs remain the same so they automatically update Workspaces floor plans.

Alternatively, the ability to programmatically add arbitrary objects to Workspaces floor plans in a specified location would be useful - e.g. overlay icon X at coordinates (x,y) on floor plan Z.

Additional context
We have a number of mobile assets - for example, Neat Boards on wheels, that move around the office.

We have BLE-based location tracking, so we know where they are, but it’d be great to add their current locations to the Zoom Workspaces maps, to help people find them from the scheduling displays around the building.

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