API Playground doesn't seem to be working


The (very useful) API Playground (https://developer.zoom.us/playground/) doesn’t seem to be working.

Copying the access token into the “Authorise” form and trying GET /users (or any other call) gives “TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.” - as if the access token was not entered (I’ve tried refreshing, etc).

Oddly the generated curl command works perfectly.

I’ve tried with two different accounts (a paid account and a free account with admin rights). Same story.

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I’ve used it successfully in the past and found it very useful.

(BTW, is there a way of searching just the REST API Topic of the Developer Community forum?)


Hi Steph,

Thanks for reporting this issue. we already knew the root cause of this issue. We will fix this in this weekend’s release.



In the meantime, you could try using postman.  That’s what I did today.


All, we have fixed this in production. Please try it and let us know if you see any issues. 





I think it is still not working


@Batjargal, please provide more details about your issue?


Can we have a live chat ? Our company wants to be API partner and i have many questions (develop type).


@Batjargal, please contact our support team. Thanks.