API Refresh Tokens: 400 "Internal Error"


I’m periodically refreshing API tokens every hour. This has worked for about 100 refreshes, until the API returned an error 400:

requests.exceptions.RequestException: Status Code: 400 Error "invalid_request" Reason "Internal Error"

To refresh I’m making a POST request with python’s requests library with refresh_token=(the refresh token) and grant_type=“refresh_token”. Authentication is the client ID and secret.

I’m wondering if there is more clarification on this “internal error” reason. Nothing has changed on my end leading up to the sudden error 400.

I’ve read the error definitions here https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/error-definitions but don’t believe the data I’m sending is invalid. Does internal mean this is on zoom’s side? Are “api outages” an occurrence?

Thank you!

Hi @Jman,

This could be happening for a few different reasons. Can you see my post here and let me know if it helps?


Hi @will.zoom ,

That seems to be similar to our problem! The scenarios in which it could occur that you outlined don’t seem applicable to our situation though - In that case can I send the token and timestamp to developer@zoom for a more specific look into it? I’d love to know more about this “invalid format” errror response we got

Hey @Jman,

Yes, please send an email to developersupport@zoom.us with a link to this thread. In that email, please include the request that you’re making, the response and the access_token that was used.

We’ll use that to look into this further.


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