API Update 03/02/2020

API Update 03/02/2020

Hello Zoom Developers, in this release we’ve added new Chat and Chat Channel events and made a few enhancements.


  • Chat Channel and Chat Message Events
    • chat_message.sent
    • chat_message.updated
    • chat_message.deleted
    • chat_channel.created
    • chat_channel.updated
    • chat_channel.deleted
    • chat_channel.member_invited
    • chat_channel.member_joined
    • chat_channel.member_left


  • Added new response fields (“issues” and “health” ) to the Get Zoom Room Details API.
    • GET /v2/metrics/zoomrooms/{​zoomroomId}

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug of API error messages that still contained “Pro” and “Corp” terminologies for user type by replacing those terms with “Licensed” and “On-prem” respectively.
    • POST /v2/users/{userId}/assistants
    • PATCH /v2/users/{userId}/settings

Here is the release on our docs: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog

Happy coding!


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