API Updates 7.19.20

Hello Zoom Developers,

We have released new changes to our APIs, including new Zoom Phone & Zoom Room Webhooks and new Zoom Room APIs.

Please note: We have recently discovered that there is an issue with Phone Webhooks: It only works for account level or webhook only apps at this time and Phone Recording Completed Webhooks is not working. We will update you shortly for when we release a bug fix.

For full details about this release you can visit our API change log page and you can always visit our upcoming API changes page for a preview of what’s to come throughout our developer platform.

As always,

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hi my name is jjh mr.jeong

HI,anyluck on polling on API

Hey @acharya.gunjan, @jaehyuk0987654321,

If you have specific questions, please create a new topic: #zoom-api


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