API Updates April 12 2020

Hello Zoom Developers,

To meet the increasing demands for Zoom Meetings ,we made some changes to our APIs & Webhooks. Please see below.


  • Added new response fields(“dept",“job_title”,"location”) to the Search Company Contacts API
    • GET /v2/contacts
  • Changed the password requirement setting for recordings to align with Product changes. Passwords for recordings should be 8 or more characters with a mix of letters, numbers & special characters.
    • PATCH /v2/meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/settings
  • Added support for 11 digits Meeting IDs and Webinar IDs to align with Product changes. If you were previously handling Meeting IDs and Webinar IDs as integer, you should now handle them as _ long**_ data type.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where meeting.updated webhook was not being sent when meeting information was updated using the Zoom Client.
  • Fixed a lengthy error message that was being displayed along with exception details when a SIP Trunk phone number was not assigned successfully from the Master account to a Sub account.
    • POST /v2/accounts/{accountId}/sip_trunk/numbers

You can always visit our new API change log page for the latest updates throughout our developer platform.

As always,

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