API /users response is missing fields that /users/ID provides

I’m using the API to integrate Zoom details into our users’ corporate intranet profiles — for example, so their meeting URL can be shown internally.

So I call /users to get all our active users in Zoom and loop through them to see who has a vanity_url and personal_meeting_url set. Except those fields aren’t included in the user object from the /users response! So for every user, I have to make another call to /users/ID to fetch their details, which does include their vanity URL and personal meeting URL.

Obviously this is pretty inefficient. If we have 300 users, I have to make 301 API calls instead of just one. Am I missing something? Is there another way to get all our users’s vanity/meeting URLs?

Oops, I guess I already asked about this 5 years ago:

Hi @Jase_Wells
Thanks for reaching out to us again :slight_smile:
You are right, in our GET/users endpoint you can not get the vanity_url but you can get the PMI value.
Other than that yes you will have to fetch the GET/users/id to get user details.
I understand this is inefficient for you cause you have a lot of users but unfortunately I do not belive ther is another way to get vanity URL

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