Attendance / Count

Looking for a simple count during meetings, no need to retain any user or private data.
I’m trying to take accurate Attendance during Meeting, but with multiple people per location and movement of tiles, names, etc. It becomes difficult to take attendance and get an accurate count.

It would be great if there was a method by which you can enable/disable attendance in a meeting after starting it, and then as participants arrive they “must” (if enabled) enter number of people at that location/device (default being 1)
Attendance number/count total should be displayed to Host/CoHost or even give the option to allow others to view number of total participants attending.

Later a method for user to edit this once in meeting would probably be good, but the first development of being able to enable a forced entry of number per location would be best.

In the past we have done two different things. First we tried manually counting via Video how many per location and editing each participants name with a number. Second and currently we ask that each user/participant enter the number of listeners at the locations by renaming themselves.
Once that is done we then attempt to count based on name edits but with movement in list that is problematic with well over 100 participants in some meetings.


It would also be useful to have a way to extract a list of names of those in attendance. This would not only be useful for attendance count, but also other applications such as virtual games. Currently you can see the list in the participants window, but no way to extract the list.

This feature would be really useful for our seminars with students. Participation on others presentations are mandatory for course completion, but for the latest seminar I screenshotted the participant list (scrolling and re-screenshotting to capture the whole list of students). However, presenting students are moved to the top of the list which made it difficult to check off attendance from my screenshots. Also, some students leave early or join late, feeling like skipping the rest, which is unfair to other students who sit and wait to the end.

I would like a participant list with joined/left timestamps for each participant. Currently, it took about 1 hour to extract and double check the 49 students, and this could be reduced to a 1-minute job. Furthermore, time stamps and total participation time would allow me to know exactly how much a student missed and provide appropriate home work/extra assignments.

Just a very simple upon entry poll, that asked how many people are attending from your location would suffice.