Audio in Zoom app

Hey guys,

I build a zoom app and i want to play audio in it. i heard that zoom appSdk can do that so can anybody tell me how can i play audio in it, what the process, what function needs.

thanks, have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hey @Tim,

Thank you for reaching out. If you want to use Audio within your Zoom App you can use the Javascript APIs available.

It’s as simple as:

const a = new Audio("");;

Just make sure that if you’re playing audio from an external URL like the example above that you are adding it to your CSP.


Hey @MaxM Thanks for your response,

okay so @MaxM will the sound of audio share with other participants ? , and in my app the audio will likely to be come from database, i read the docs of zoom music app, they are using shareComputerAudio - method,

in my zoom app i want to play audio whenever user’s task about to start, so the sound of audio can also be share with participants.

let me know if it make sense to you, i really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Dear @MaxM ,

Please assists me its a bit urgent :slight_smile: