Auth error code: 500, status: 500, error: "Internal Server Error",…

Trying to connect Zoom from UiPath cloud Integration service but unable to do so. Could you please look into it and do the needful?

Getting Auth error

{code: 500, status: 500, error: “Internal Server Error”,…}

code: 500
error: “Internal Server Error”
message: “An error was encountered when processing your request”
sid: “c06b184aca858e14”
status: 500
tid: “c06b184aca858e14”
timestamp: 1667041006608
trackingId: “v=2.0;clid=us04;rid=MP_a42fb0f034904ada8a3c0beee6fc6aae”

Please help me with proper solution for this error.

Hi @sumitctm
Make sure to reach out to the developers of the UiPath integration so they can assist you with this.
As we did not create this integration we do not have support for it